Trendy Drink Categories: Boba, Frappes, Smoothies

It’s a constant push and pull between evolving consumer tastes and preferences, and menus and marketing adapting to keep pace. Recently, boba drinks, smoothies and frappes have taken center stage in beverage trends. From boba’s chewy pearls to the creamy delight of smoothies and frappes, each drink category offers a distinct experience. Let’s explore the creativity and variety within these exciting choices!

Trendy Drink Categories: Boba, Frappes, Smoothies

Boba Teas

Boba tea offers a combination of flavors and textures with a contrast between a refreshing tea base, the creamy milk or non dairy substitute, and chewy tapioca pearls. As a Taiwanese drink that initially rose in popularity throughout Asia in the 80s, boba has since made its way and become a beloved drink in the US. Now, as more and more restaurants incorporate boba tea into their beverage menu, the boba tea market is projected to reach a value of around $4.29 billion by 2028!

Adding our chewy, sweet tapioca pearls to your drink elevates the experience, like our favorite Jasmine Milk Tea!


Frappes are a caffeinated, cool and creamy treat, perfectly blended with ice to create an optimal refreshment. Frappes have become increasingly popular within the cold coffee beverage segment – a dynamic and exciting market in specialty coffee – that has been on the continued rise since the 2010s. This sector is expected to grow by 22% each year for the next five years, bringing its total value to around $1.4 billion by 2027.

Top with whipped cream to create a liquid dessert feel that is sure to bring joy with every sip, like with our Vanilla Frappe!

Ignite your taste buds by topping your frappe with whipped cream and adding boba to sit at the bottom of your drink, as seen here with our Matcha Frappe!


Our tropically-inspired, freshly blended smoothies include a distinctive selection of real fruit purees, mixed to perfection with our house milk tea or oat milk. Seedless, smooth and with a natural texture and sweetness, smoothies are ready to enjoy by all demographics across your customer base! And we’re not the only ones who realize smoothies are and will continue to be a hit in the beverage industry. The global smoothie market is currently a $27.2 billion industry, estimated to reach $52 billion by 2033. Now is the time to tap into this profitable drink offering!