The Power of Pineapple: Why Restaurants Need to Incorporate This Fruit for Increased Profit

The Power of Pineapple: Why Restaurants Need to Incorporate This Fruit for Increased Profit

Pineapple flavors are everywhere lately.

With the golden flavor starring in everything from hard seltzers and cocktails to teas and smoothies. The increase in consumption stems from all generations wanting a taste of the tropics through natural sweetness, juicy health benefits and a truly instagrammable moment. 

Pineapple is a cyclical flavor trend dominating summer menus. With an expected CAGR of over 6%, it’s no wonder that 38% of restaurants include it on their menus today. Additionally, an increase in online popularity and in-person conversations of 24% in the past year brings a new wave of consumers to this flavor.

Gen Z and Pineapple Flavors

This fruit is even finding its way into the Gen Z market via popular TikTok trends. Tens of thousands of consumers bought into the belief that drinking pineapple juice before wisdom teeth removal is guaranteed to improve your recovery. With this belief, they’ll be searching for fun drinks around them to partake in.

But simply buying syrup off the shelf, tossing it into a lemonade and waiting for profit isn’t the way to go about things. With Botrista’s brand new puree, launched just in time for the Summer craze – your restaurant could be taking advantage of the trends surrounding this oasis fruit. 

Thanks to Botrista, you can take advantage of not only the superior quality of our pineapple puree – but also the benefits of an incredible set of beverage innovation experts. They’ve been working to take advantage of the 30% rise in tropical drink sales through 2020.

Botrista’s Effect

Our team will meticulously work with you to develop consumer favorites, like:

  1. Pineapple strawberry quencher – a zesty, real-fruit blend that’s both visually and palette-appealing
  2. Pineapple mango tea – for those looking for a more robust treat, our tart pineapple pairs perfectly with a bold, smooth tea
  3. “Creamy” pineapple coconut smoothie – a piña colada waiting to be born by simply adding your preferred liquor, or keeping it fresh as a mocktail option to please the growing trend of non-drinkers seeking refreshment

Crafting a Perfect-Pairing Menu

The potential for cuisine pairings is just as exciting! Pineapple beverages make an amazing accompaniment to Hawaiian, Southeast Asian, Latin, and Caribbean dishes. Meals like poke bowls, jerk chicken, mango salsa, and tropical-spiced favorites. It’s time you start taking advantage of flavor trends, and turning diners into experiential consumers with exciting pairings.

Don’t get caught without the “it” fruit this season.

Upgrade your beverage selection with our vibrant pineapple and put some serious tropical infusion into your menus. Your customers (and bottom line) will thank you.