Employee Spotlight: Technical Support Manager Andrew Starks

Employee Spotlight: Technical Support Manager Andrew Starks

Meet Botrista’s March MVP, Andrew Starks! Andrew plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation of our Botrista Pro machines by diligently monitoring dispatch for service. His commitment to excellence shines through as he provides stellar customer service to maintain operational efficiency. Andrew’s technical expertise and unwavering focus make him an invaluable asset to our team. We’re so lucky to have you, Andrew!

Andrew Starks: The Force Behind Botrista’s Technical Excellence

Andrew’s role as Technical Support Manager consists of monitoring and controlling all internal and external customer issues related to our drink machines. “I monitor the dispatch for service and ensure that our units are being properly serviced. A big part of my role is representing our clients with the best possible customer service and keeping machines operational to ensure successful beverage automation and programs”!

Andrew began his journey with Botrista two and a half years ago as a technical support specialist! “I was inspired to join the team based on the great leadership here, but also the direction beverage robotics was heading in. I come from an engineering background and I love robotics. Being able to be a part of a beverage company that’s machine can make fresh blends in under 20 seconds is an exciting opportunity to grow restaurant profit”.

Andrew Starks, Technical Support Manager at Botrista

“Prior to Botrista, I’ve worked at some of the top tech companies, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Tesla. I’ve worked a multitude of different roles at these companies, from quality assurance and linework, to technical support and content moderation”.

The way that Andrew contributes to the professional growth of his team is by remembering that everyone is a customer and no question is the wrong question. “I always try to be an active listener, making sure that our partners feel heard and understood. I do the same thing with my team, always being attentive to them and using their findings as opportunities to learn from one another. It’s important for me to also understand them on a personal level and understand their long term career goals, I want to make sure that they are fulfilled in their work”.

“When it comes to staying motivated throughout the work week, I rely on and appreciate my patience. It’s very important to stay level-headed and create organized notes to prioritize each day’s tasks related to our beverage dispensers. I like to also take small breaks during the day to go on a walk”!

Andrew’s advice for someone entering the workforce is “you’ll never stop learning”. “The learning doesn’t stop after you complete school, life is always about change and progression. I think it’s important to learn about the now and the future of beverage automation, to stay ahead of the game.”

Andrew’s secret talent comes from his ability to be patient and observational. “I can assess a task that I need to do, and even if I’ve never done it before, I can figure it out and execute the task like I’ve been doing it for years. If I really take the time to learn something, I can excel at it very quickly”.

“My most meaningful personal accomplishment is being a father! I have two kids, ages two and twelve. They’re my number one ‘customers’ at the end of each day. There’s always a new question, failure, and feedback that you get from being a parent. Being a father to my children has been one of the best parts of my life”.

If Andrew could choose to possess any superpower, he says he’d choose the power to educate. “Education is always important, but there are a ton of people who are unable or don’t get the chance to learn. If I could be able to educate anyone on anything, I would be very fulfilled”!

Andrew’s favorite Botrista drink is dragon fruit lemonade. “I can’t believe I hadn’t tried it sooner, our dragonfruit flavor is amazing”! 🥤