Making Fresh Blends Better – Rex Huang is May’s MVP!

Making Fresh Blends Better – Rex Huang is May’s MVP!

Meet Botrista’s May MVP, Rex Huang, VP of Beverage Innovation & R&D!

rex huang, VP of R&D and beverage development!

Rex is the epitome of creativity and strategic insight, driving our beverage innovation forward with unparalleled dedication. His passion for crafting exceptional fresh blends and understanding consumer preferences makes him a vital team member at Botrista.

Rex leads our talented R&D team, driving the innovation of our next generation beverage ingredients forward. Focusing on trend-guided recipes ensures that our partners receive meticulously crafted refreshment that exceeds expectations.

Where did Rex’s passion for fresh blends begin?

Rex started his career in tech, but gravitated to food and beverage, where he’s now been for 14 years. “I have a deep love for food and flavor. I’m very passionate about bringing simple joys to people’s lives through food. To be able to share delight in the world is ultimately what drives me.” Rex vividly recalls his humble beginnings, stepping into a bustling New York City pop-up restaurant unprepared for what lay ahead. “I had no formal training, but I peeled enough potatoes and washed enough herbs to make it through that first weekend shift and proved to my employer that I had earned a job as an unpaid intern.” With hustle, grit, and passion, Rex was able to rise up through the ranks. His career highlights include stints as Chef de Cuisine, Corporate Chef, and R&D lead with 2 and 3 Michelin star restaurants. He has collaborated with some of the best farms in the country. The rigors of execution at the highest level of hospitality allow Rex to bring operational excellence, world-class curation, and ground-breaking fresh blends creativity to Botrista’s beverage platform.

What got you excited about Botrista?

“I was excited about joining the team at Botrista because it’s another reminder of how amazing and innovative the world of food and beverage is. There’s so many different ways that we can live our lives and create cool experiences, Botrista’s platform is another way of expressing that creative energy through all the myriad of drinks people love today. We get to work on everything from a simple lemonade to complex ‘better for you’ tonics, it’s such a fun way to get creative.”

Botrista’s approach to solving small problems on a large scale resonates deeply with Rex, who thrives in collaborative environments. “I’ve been able to further develop my skills by leveraging the expertise of my teammates and learning from them on a day-to-day basis,” he explains. “While we can’t solve everything in just one day, we can grow a little each day, constantly applying our skills to improve Botrista’s platform for our partners.”

“I’m looking forward to continuing to connect and partner with the best ingredient suppliers around the globe. I’m excited to represent great products and provide our partners with new and craveable beverages to add to their brands”!

Give us some advice!

Rex’s advice for anyone looking to join the food and beverage industry is, “it’s important to have a strong sense of self-awareness and empathy. You need to know all the players in the game and what makes them tick. It’s essential to understand what problems they are looking to solve for their customer base and how you can help them grow restaurant profit.”

Not many people know, but Rex isn’t exactly sweet on sugar! “Believe it or not, I’m not much of a sugar fan,” he confesses. “On another note, I think people would be surprised to find out that I started my career in tech, switched career paths to be a chef, and now I get to blend the best of both worlds into my role here at Botrista”!

The best thing about Rex’s year so far is moving into Botrista’s new San Francisco headquarters. “Besides moving into a bigger space and being able to collaborate with my teammates, it’s so exciting to be working in the heart of San Francisco. The energy of the city is inspiring, and I’m lucky to be in such a fast-paced, motivating environment”!

Basketball, noodles & ginger!

Rex claims there are two things he absolutely can’t live without: instant Ramen and cheering on the Golden State Warriors. He says without his trusty bowl of noodles and the thrill of watching his favorite team play, life just wouldn’t be the same.

Rex’s favorite Botrista drink is lemon ginger jasmine tea, a blend that holds sentimental value for him. Its refreshing taste reminds him of his daughter, who shares his love for the zesty kick of ginger! And with Botrista’s innovative drink machine and beverage dispenser technology, creating such fresh blends is easier than ever. 🥤