Consumers Want ‘Instagrammable’ Fresh Blends – Here’s How to Make Them

Consumers Want ‘Instagrammable’ Fresh Blends – Here’s How to Make Them

Almost 70% of people are posting their instagrammable meals online on a regular basis. In today’s world of the ever-evolving consumer, it is important to not only have an Instagram-worthy menu – but a menu that continues to be post-worthy all year.

And when it comes to beverages, few items are as photogenic as things like trending strawberry pink drinks (with over 1 billion TikTok views and counting), matcha milk teas, and mango popping boba lemonades.

Strawberry Milkshake Horchata Jasmine Green Milk Tea Vanilla Coffee Frappe Mango Lemonade Raspberry Iced Tea

The appealing hues and fun toppings of these drinks are perfect for snapping shareable shots. From the delicate pink swirls of a strawberry matcha latte to the bouncy black boba pearls suspended in a vibrantly colored tea, these drinks beg to be photographed and posted.

But creating an Instagrammable beverage is not just about aesthetics. With Botrista’s global network of suppliers, fantastic flavor and quality can also be ensured.

The Botrista platform allows you to easily keep up with changing drink trends and evolving consumer flavor preferences. By having a drink menu updated simply via the cloud, backed by our team of beverage innovation specialists, changing menus to meet customer demand is done at the touch of a button.

A bright fuchsia dragon fruit refresher with real fruit puree and mango jelly can be quite the popular attraction for your menu. Or a creamy, purple taro milk tea topped with chewy boba. These unique flavors and vivid colors are sure to be a hit with customers seeking the next big thing to post.

Strawberry Energy Raspberry Energy Passion Fruit Energy   Iced Tea

Utilizing a data-backed approach also allows you to easily implement hard-to-execute programs to meet demand. Flavors and categories like boba milk tea, cocktails, and season-specific LTO’s to meet flavor trends throughout the year. As those mouthwatering beverage shots drive more traffic through your doors, the 360-degree program from Botrista has you covered.

So don’t sleep on offering Instagram-worthy moments on your menu! With some creative beverage options and the right dispenser technology, you can tap into Gen Z’s love of novelty, aesthetics, and, of course, social media shareability. Fresh blends have been incorporated into the beverages mentioned, such as the fresh blends in the strawberry matcha latte, the fresh blends in the mango popping boba lemonade, the fresh blends in the dragon fruit refresher, and the fresh blends in the taro milk tea. Additionally, the Botrista platform allows for the incorporation of fresh blends into evolving consumer flavor preferences.

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