Did somebody say horchata?

We’re proud to offer a delicious addition to your menu with a lineup of Horchata beverages!
Horchata, the plant-based milk beverage with hints of spices, went mainstream in recent years. From its growing popularity in products such as horchata protein drinks to menu sightings at super chains like Starbucks.

Did somebody say horchata?

While it may be trending here in the U.S., its origins date back to 2400 B.C. in North Africa where it was originally made from ground tiger nuts. Horchata has since paced the globe with versions made from rice, almonds, sesame seeds, calabash seeds, and even flowers.

At Botrista, we focused on the traditional Hispanic flavors to stay on top of what’s trending in the states. We offer a rich rice base with a creamy, sweet, and subtly spiced notes that appeal to a wide audience.

Our new Horchata is a premium ingredient, with all the characteristics of a traditional Hispanic horchata. And with Horchata’s growing popularity, it’s the perfect addition or LTO for your menu.

Our Horchata contains real rice along with the sweet and spicy cinnamon associated with traditional Hispanic horchata. This versatile ingredient is rich and creamy with a light and airy texture, yet a mild and sweet taste that pairs well with a variety of existing ingredients to create fabulous new menu options.

Try some of our top-rated Horchata Drink offerings!

  • Classic Horchata |Hits the classic notes of Cinnamon, rice flavor, sweetness all in balance.

  • Ube Horchata | Rich and creamy Ube forward purple drink

  • Horchata Smoothie | Creamy and spiced! A crowd pleaser for those with a sweet tooth.

  • Strawberry Horchata Smoothie | A twist on strawberries and cream, it’s more unique and lots of fun.