Dry January – Fresh Blends to Grow Your Restaurant Profit

If you think of the New Year as a freshly blended beverage, we’re ripping the wrapper off the straw right now. As we start preparing for that first refreshing sip -, this huge January health trend is surging, and quality flavors can help.

That means consumers are forgoing alcohol in lieu of a blend of alternatives – and businesses are leveraging this movement to boost revenue. In fact – in the last four years, mocktail menu options have increased 229% (Source: Datassential Menu Trends, U.S. menu penetration growth 2019-2023). That’s a lot of fresh, new ingredients to play with!

But how can a lack of consumption lead to increased consumption for restaurant owners?

Consumers crave health-conscious alternatives regularly – with January being the kickoff month for many exciting health trends throughout the year. Crafting new fresh blends will offer creative solutions to evolving trends while capitalizing on consumers that could temporarily be on the lookout for fun alcohol alternatives.

Dry January – Fresh Blends to Grow Your Restaurant Profit

Growing Trend: A Sober Surge

The increasingly mainstream trend saw a notable rise with 8.7 million participants in the US in 2022. By catering to this expanding market, you can tap into a demographic actively seeking alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages that offer the same flavor profiles, energetic boost or as a replacement ‘treat’ for consumers that enjoy a boost throughout their day.

Lucrative Customer Base: Millennials and Beyond

Millennials and Gen Z are health-conscious and open to exploring new beverage options. Offering a range of non-alcoholic drinks during the month of January and beyond can attract these demographics, with 66% and 69% of Gen Z consumers (respectively) thinking about their health options daily, with 80% of millennials including ‘health’ as a reason for selecting their food & drink. (source) (source)

Profit Margins: The Hidden Advantage

Due to their lower ingredient cost, non-alcoholic beverages often boast a higher profit margin than their traditional counterparts. In fact, 36% of consumers are willing to pay the same price for a drink forgoing the alcohol than if it contained it (Source: Datassential, “2023 Adult Beverage Trends Webinar,” March 23, 2023).
This shift aligns with the ethos of Dry January participants, providing healthier choices without denting your bottom line. While many consumers opt back into alcohol in the remaining months, you’ve tapped into a market of potential customers that won’t want to give up your new menu.

Digital Ripple Effect: Social Media Buzz

Social media is no stranger to being a platform to show off ideas, trends & highlights. The ripple effect of trendy posting is a key to taking advantage of consumer trends, with 76% of people saying they’ve bought a product solely off seeing a post through Instagram. Additionally, 74% of consumers are open to trying food with novel or exciting flavors. Combine these two statistics & you’ve got a snowball effect on your new drink menu going into the most ‘alternative-seeking’ month of the year.

Utilize Botrista as the Difference Maker

With 300+ fresh offerings, a masterful cloud platform and blends that make implementing perfectly crafted beverages seem like a good year-long idea – Botrista is the way to capture consumers that are on the hunt for something new.   

Reach out today to discuss how our drink machine can be a welcome addition to your beverage automation checklist.