Employee Spotlight: VP of Beverage Program Nikki Lazar

Meet March’s Botrista Beverage MVP: Nikki Lazar, Vice President of Beverage Program! Throughout her two years at Botrista, Nikki continues to portray hard work and determination. She is confident in her craft, passionate about our product, and shows that she has what it takes to be a successful leader within the food and beverage industry!

Employee Spotlight: VP of Beverage Program Nikki Lazar

“I started in the Events and Hospitality industry in 2005 for a National Brand after graduating from Binghamton University. I worked my way up from Event Sales Representative to Director of Sales, leading a team of 16 sales associates who were responsible for over $20 million in revenue. During COVID, with the events industry on hold, I pivoted my career & started to explore other sales roles. I found a Facebook post about Botrista and saw that they were hiring a Sales Director for the NE. I reached out to the hiring recruiter and after learning more about the role, the company’s mission, and growth potential, I knew it would be a great fit and something I would excel at”.

When Nikki isn’t hard at work, she loves relaxing at home, playing tennis or pickleball, traveling around the globe and trying new restaurants! Nikki added, “I’m a huge sushi snob”. She recently went on a trip of a lifetime to the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy. “I was able to experience the most breathtaking views, hike along beautiful trails and indulge in delicious Italian cuisine.”

Productivity is extremely important in promoting goal setting, focus, and motivation. Nikki mentioned, “It’s important to take 2-3 mini breaks throughout the day. Having some time to decompress helps me recharge, refocus, and re-energize”. She told us that her productivity during the workday is a direct result of her organization and time management. Nikki practices and preaches work-life balance and a work hard play hard lifestyle!

Nikki’s advice to rising young professionals is: “Set weekly goals for yourself. It will get you in the habit of holding yourself accountable, which is invaluable to your success”.