Employee Spotlight: Senior Director of Beverage Program Gregg Luther

Employee Spotlight: Senior Director of Beverage Program Gregg Luther

Meet Botrista’s January MVP Gregg Luther, Senior Director of the Beverage Program! Gregg’s commitment to delivering best in class work is propelling our beverage program to new heights. His industry knowledge combined with his determination make him an invaluable asset to Botrista. We are so lucky to have you, Gregg!

“In my role as a director of beverage programming, I foster relationships with brands that are looking to upgrade their drink lineup, curate a full menu and align on beverage strategies, then I essentially become that brand’s beverage expert while we transition from a testing phase all the way to roll-out”. 

Gregg is not a newbie when it comes to the food and beverage industry. His experience includes menu and beverage development leading to  CPG and restaurant technology roles. Gregg spent his early years working at Darden Restaurants corporate offices, running beverage programs for various restaurant concepts. “It was an incredible growth experience, to have a seat at the table with so many brilliant Marketers, Chefs, and Beverage leaders”. 

“I was inspired to join the team at Botrista because of the clear opportunity to deliver automation in a way that’s conducive to today’s market”.

Gregg’s ability to adapt is what sets him apart from others. “The more ideas and business models that you’re exposed to, the better equipped you are to deal with them. In this industry, you need to be very adaptable, change quickly, and guide others to that same change”.

Botrista’s team of beverage directors collaborate, taking on challenges and opportunities as a team. “We’re never in it alone, we often get on a meeting with each other and share our expertise to create solutions for each challenge and opportunity that we face”.

One thing that Gregg cannot live without is his family. “My family keeps me grounded. Everything I do, I do for them”. “One of my biggest influences is my Aunt Maxine. She opened a restaurant in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen, in the 90’s. As I’m sure it was an exciting time for her, it was also exciting for me to have my first job working in her restaurant! I did whatever she asked me to do, whether it was being a busboy, a sous chef, hosting, or working behind the bar finding out what those colorful bottles could do. My aunt unknowingly sparked an interest in food and beverage within me, that has become my lifelong ambition”!

Gregg appreciates the time he spends with his kids. “We like to watch sports tournaments, like volleyball or soccer. We’re a sports-oriented family, very determined and athletic”. Fun fact: growing up near Buffalo, NY has made Gregg a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan.

Gregg’s favorite Botrista drink… or flavor, in this case, is “anything salted caramel”. “Our salted caramel flavor is great, it’s a great balance of sweet and salty”. Gregg’s close number two is our matcha latte! 🥤