Employee Spotlight: Sr. Director of Beverage Program Jordyn Hyden

Meet April’s Botrista Beverage MVP: Jordyn Hyden, Senior Director of Beverage Program! She joined Botrista in August 2022, and has been making an incredible impact since then. She plays a valuable role on our sales team, with a self-starter work ethic and a strong drive to see Botrista succeed!

Employee Spotlight: Sr. Director of Beverage Program Jordyn Hyden

With an extensive background in restaurant and hospitality operations, Jordyn has become an invaluable member of our sales team. She is focused on building relationships, creating brand awareness and helping our partners find success.

So far, her favorite part about being with Botrista has been working with enterprise accounts and continuing to create lasting relationships with our clients. “I look forward to what’s in store for myself and my team as we continue to grow and work together on these projects”.

Staying motivated at work is easy when you are surrounded by a team that is constantly supporting one another and pushing each other to strive for greatness. I also find it rewarding to measure my personal growth and performance! Being a part of a company such as Botrista, I am motivated to make a difference in the food and beverage industry. Watching the company grow and excel over time is really motivating to me”.

Knowing what she does now, Jordyn’s advice to her younger self is “no matter what you’re doing, stay consistent and work hard. Keep aiming for success and never give up on yourself!”

Outside of work, Jordyn loves staying active at the gym, hiking, live music, movies, and traveling! As she is currently training for her first half marathon, Jordyn exclaims that she “cannot live without a good pair of running shoes” (and chapstick, of course). “I’m really excited, running is one of my favorite ways to stay active and be healthy”. Good luck, Jordyn!