Employee Spotlight: Sr. Director of Beverage Program Jesse Oh

Meet July’s Botrista Beverage MVP Jesse Oh, Senior Director of Beverage Program! Jesse has an inspiring work ethic. He is passionate about his role at Botrista, and even more so about the DrinkBot. He brings an undeniable, positive energy to our team, and we’re very lucky to have him!

Employee Spotlight: Sr. Director of Beverage Program Jesse Oh

Jesse began college as an engineering major with a full ride at Cal Poly Pomona, but ended up having a greater interest in the food and beverage industry. “During my college career, I ended up switching gears and graduated with a B.S in Hospitality and Business Management”!

With previous food and beverage experience at Coca-Cola, Jesse is definitely an expert in the field. He has now been with Botrista for 3 years, making him one of our earliest employees! “Between securing deals in my pipeline, ensuring smooth rollout operations, and promoting growth in my areas of expertise, I have the ability to wear multiple hats when needed”. “One way that I stay motivated and ensure consistency throughout my work week is by having a robust checklist. I like to structure my day around priority projects first”.

Jesse’s advice for someone early on in their career is, “Get ready to be scrappy. Learn everything about your business from the bottom up, this knowledge will become very valuable. By treating the company as if it’s your own, your work mentality will change drastically. Understanding the in’s and out’s of your business will ultimately help you discover your expertise and where you can best excel within your role”.

It’s safe to say that Jesse lives out of his suitcase, so it’s only right to ask him what he would do with his perfect weekend. “No matter what, I still have to get a workout in at the gym. After that, I’d probably go out for some delicious food. My fiance and I are huge foodies. We like to eat a lot of Korean barbecue, Omakase, and Shabu-shabu”. Jesse says that eating, drinking, and having a good time with friends is what life is all about (and we’d have to agree)!

Lastly, Jesse wants you all to know that if you or anyone you know is hosting an eating competition event, he’s ready and says, “I’d win, for sure”!