Employee Spotlight: Product Manager Alex Friedman

Employee Spotlight: Product Manager Alex Friedman

Employee Spotlight: Product Manager Alex Friedman

Alex has impressive industry knowledge from his time at Zume, where he was focused on revolutionizing the food industry and Coral, where he built automated fingernail painting devices. Concluding his time at Coral, Alex decided to make the jump back to the food & beverage industry. “I was inspired to join the team at Botrista based on my prior professional relationship with our CEO, Sean Hsu. After briefly consulting at Botrista, the timing was right for me to jump with both feet into a full-time position.”

“I manage what we build, regarding the hardware and software of our DrinkBot.” Alex is our behind the scenes superstar that helps our vision for the DrinkBot come to life! “Most of my day is collecting ideas, figuring out which of those we can implement next, and creating a clear game plan on how to build out those ideas, features, and/or tools.”

“I feel very lucky to work with such smart people, in both the United States and Taiwan. All of our engineers in Taiwan constantly share their knowledge with me and help me to design features and systems in better and more efficient ways.”

“My favorite memory that I’ve made at Botrista has been meeting our team in Taiwan back in June! I get to work with them on a daily basis, which is usually in online meetings. Being able to meet them, get to know them, and experience their typical day-to-day life was very rewarding.” From the sights he saw and the food he ate, Alex was sure to mention just how memorable his trip was!

Alex loves to stay active on the weekends! Besides catching up with his family and friends, you can catch Alex indulging in his favorite hobbies. “My perfect Sunday would consist of a boxing class in the morning and spending time at the pottery studio making ceramics in the afternoon!”

If you haven’t gotten a chance to know Alex, here’s a little something that most people wouldn’t know about him… he’s an adrenaline junky. “I used to build and race off-roading cars, I’ve gone skydiving, I’m scuba certified, I used to fly planes, and I once owned a motorcycle!” Alex has had a passion for building and fixing cars since his college days. “I was involved in a college club called the Baja group. I helped grow the small team to over 50 people, similar to growing a startup.”

Alex’s favorite Botrista drink is the Matcha Latte! “Before Botrista, I didn’t like matcha. Now, it has opened up matcha as a new beverage experience for me”! 🥤