Employee Spotlight: Senior Director of Beverage Program Dan Jaskolski

Meet Botrista’s September MVP Dan Jaskolski, Senior Director of Beverage Program! Dan brings extensive food and beverage industry experience and a strong dedication to greatness to our team. His work ethic, attention to detail, and effective communication skills make him an indispensable asset. We are very fortunate to have Dan and we are confident that his expertise will continue to elevate Botrista’s success.

Employee Spotlight: Senior Director of Beverage Program Dan Jaskolski

Dan joined team Botrista in July, but with his willingness to dive into the deep end combined with his restaurant experience, he’s nothing short of a natural leader. Dan’s extensive industry knowledge stems from his experience at Zoup! and Jimmy Johns, taking on roles such as Director of Corporate Operations, Franchise Business Consultant, and Franchise Operations.

Dan’s favorite part about working with Botrista is the people. “By far, I love the people that I work with. Everyone is very knowledgeable and intuitive”. Beyond just our team, Dan also appreciates getting to know our partners and creating meaningful relationships.

Dan’s most memorable career advice happens to come from our CSO, Jason Valentine! “While Jason and I both were at Zoup!, he told me to always ask questions. It wasn’t until I was further into my career that I realized it wasn’t just about questions, but instead taking the time to listen to the answers”.

If Dan weren’t working in food and beverage, he says he would love to be either a pilot or a teacher. “I think flying is the coolest thing in the world and I love to travel!” If you ask Dan’s friends though, they’d say that he embodies the traits of a good teacher. “I love working with people and I consider myself to be an includer. I have a passion for teaching and helping others”.

Dan’s most recent outlet is reading books, especially those that focus on business and self improvement. “I was never a big reader but within the last year, I turned that page”, no pun intended 😂. Besides keeping his head in the books, Dan says he takes pride in being an outdoorsman. “I’m very interested in landscaping and planting. My dream is to build a nice garden in my backyard.”

Dan says his two go-to people are his wife and his father. “My wife is a great listener and I know she’ll always tell me what I need to hear, instead of just what I want to hear. “I was able to learn a ton about work ethic, as I grew up working for my dad. Whenever I need professional advice, he’s the first person I go to”! Dan definitely hit the support system jackpot, as he says, “I have a really tight-knit family, both immediate and extended. Everyone is very involved and really supportive!”