Tapioca Takeover: The Boom of Boba-Filled Beverages

Cuisine is a fun way to share culture and a slice of home. The globalization of food and beverage brought the boba trend from Taiwan, across Asia and then throughout the United States. Tapioca toppings quickly took off and became an enticing new staple for food and beverage enthusiasts of all backgrounds, and it’s no surprise why! Chewy, sweet boba adds a unique texture and enhanced flavor to your milk teas or fruity drinks, allowing you to customize and give a fun twist to the drink of your choice!

Tapioca Takeover: The Boom of Boba-Filled Beverages

This beverage trend leaves restaurant operators continuing the rapid search for innovative ways to get their hands on beloved boba to serve on their drink menu. Because of this, automation within the boba tea industry has gained speed, rolling out greater numbers of boba teas and spreading the love of these drinks to even more customers.

Botrista’s Take on Boba

Botrista’s DrinkBot automates dozens of milk tea and smoothie varieties, with our array of beverages catering to any and all tastes that pair excellently with mouthwatering boba pearls. The DrinkBot has a convenient compartment built-in the machine next to the blender to allow an easystorage and addition of Boba pearls to any drink.Any customized drink can be made in less than 20 seconds, and within the time of the drink being prepared, an employee can easily add ice and boba to the bottom of the cup. With a serving time of less than 30 seconds, the boba-serving process has never been easier!