Crafting Success: How Innovative Craft Beverages Fuel the Growth of Soft Drink Sales

Soft drink sales have slipped with changing consumer tastes and preferences in recent years, with the market going from $337.8 billion in 2020 to $178.8 billion today. The desire for healthier, less sugary alternatives have steered consumers away, and restaurants have felt this flux in consumer demand impacting their attachment rate of beverages.

Crafting Success: How Innovative Craft Beverages Fuel the Growth of Soft Drink Sales

What is beverage attachment rate? It’s the percentage of customers who add a beverage alongside their meal or as a standalone item. A high rate indicates that your customers trust your business and enjoy your offerings enough to order more from the menu. Conversely, a low attachment rate signifies missed sales opportunities and a lack of appeal in beverage offerings.

We’re here to help! In expanding your beverage program offerings, beverage attachment rate increases simultaneously with soft drink sales, overall boosting annual revenue and customer satisfaction.

How to Boost Overall Nonalcoholic Drink Sales

Introducing Botrista to your restaurant can have a profound impact on your beverage attachment rate. The DrinkBot, our innovative beverage system, unlocks dozens of new beverage categories and grants access to an extensive ingredient database sourced from both local and global manufacturers. OurBotrista beverage pairing experts will customize a beverage menu that perfectly complements your restaurants’ cuisine type, increasing the likelihood of customers ordering a food and beverage combination as intended by our experts.

Don’t worry about the impact on soft drink sales either. Introducing Botrista beverages to your drink offerings has proven to boost beverage attachment rate without diminishing soft drink sales. Just look at the success of a New York Mediterranean Concept, which experienced an impressive increase in beverage attachment rate from 22% before the rollout of the DrinkBot increasing to 35% after the machine was implemented into their kitchen, with 10% sales being Botrista craft beverages and 25% soft drink sales.


[Mediterranean Concept] data range: 2020 – 2021, 30 stores

[California Bowl Concept] data range: 2022 -2023, 75 stores

In fact, introducing Botrista beverages has not only contributed to increased attachment rates but also boosted soft drink sales. Another customer, a California Rice Bowl Concept, experienced a notable boost in soft drink sales following the introduction of Botrista’s boba program. The results after the integration of the DrinkBot were astonishing! Not only did the attachment rate of soft drinks increase from 10% to 15%, Botrista drink sales achieved a 9.5% attachment rate and the overall beverage incidence witnessed a remarkable surge of 150%.

Partner with Botrista as your Beverage Experts to increase your restaurant’s beverage attachment rate, unlocking dozens of new beverage categories while simultaneously experiencing a boost in soft drink sales. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your restaurant’s beverage offerings to the next level with Botrista.

Get in touch with us today and let’s elevate your beverage game together!