The Craze in Caffeine: Energy Drinks Are All the Buzz

Post-pandemic consumers are back to leading busy lives and are looking for beverages that suit their lifestyle accordingly. With normal life back in full throttle and a reprioritization on individual health and wellbeing, consumers are seeking new ways to get the energy needed to power through the day, enhance mental alertness and physical performance.

The Craze in Caffeine: Energy Drinks Are All the Buzz

According to Kantar’s Energy Drink report, a whopping one-fifth of grocery shoppers purchase energy drinks, most being repeat consumers. Along with the same trend are splurges on supplements and protein powders. People are “twitching” for the next energy drink and enhancement product!

It’s time to capitalize on and attract the newest wave of health-fanatics by adding energy drinks to your restaurant’s beverage menu. The beverage category won’t be crashing and burning anytime soon!

Fast-casual restaurant goers are looking for a quick and easy option while on the run, so what better drink pairing than an energy boost? Cater to the caffeinated culture and to those who show no sign of slowing down with some of our energy drink offerings below.

Matcha Fresca

Opt for a unique and icy way to enjoy your matcha boost with our citrusy, fresh fresca blend!

Strawberry Lemonade

  • Our delicate and flavorful blend of strawberries, hint of fresh citrus lemon and an added energy boost is the perfect way to vitalize yourself!

With these added energy beverages, consumers will be salivating at the opportunity to try something new!

Future Market insights pegs the global energy drink market value at roughly $68 billion – and projects the market to reach $98.8 billion by 2032. How perfect is it that the drink that increases endurance and stamina for individual consumers is set to demonstrate that same endurance in the market for the coming decade! With a huge rush in current demand and tons of market potential, energy drinks are all the buzz and have earned a place on your menu.