Botrista’s New Real-Fruit Strawberry is a Big Win for Restaurant Industry

Botrista’s New Real-Fruit Strawberry is a Big Win for Restaurant Industry

Strawberry is a trend that simply won’t go away

Strawberry is without a doubt an undying trend around the globe. With over 30% of restaurants in the US offering a strawberry-related product on their menu, and a 17% increase in strawberry-related social interactions in 2023 – it’s simply an ingredient you cannot ignore. Industry leaders like Starbucks, Dutch Brothers and more are infusing their menus with the viral ‘pink drink’ trend – utilizing strawberries as a flavorful, familiar ingredient to attract consumers.

Consumers are beginning to connect Instagram-worthy moments to their spending habits. On TikTok alone, the #pinkdrink trend has grossed over 1 billion views. With no signs of slowing down going in 2024, the pink drink trend, and with it – delicious strawberries – is something your restaurant should be considering.

It’s no secret that consumers crave the familial childhood, grandma’s kitchen, nostalgic sense of wonder that comes strawberry, and in order to entice them into your menu – the quality needs to be top notch. Over 76% of consumers judge freshness to be the integral part of their decision making process when it comes to ordering a product. Thanks to Botrista, your menu can get a rich, juicy strawberry puree added just in time for Summer. 

Puree VS Syrup

It matters where you get your flavor

Sourcing a truly premium strawberry puree is no easy feat. It requires meticulous standards and an unwavering commitment to quality. At Botrista, we’ve invested heavily into developing a strawberry puree that raises the bar. Through specialized small-batch production and gentle cold processing, our puree maintains maximum fresh fruit integrity. The result is a thick, luscious, real fruit content – a rarity in the beverage world.

This classic berry transcends trends, evoking unmistakable nostalgia in guests of all ages. As an evergreen consumer favorite, nailing the perfect strawberry beverage is a priority. Made with real fruit and coming as close to your grandmother’s homemade strawberry jam as possible – the premium puree from Botrista is sure to capture the attention of those looking for a refreshing pick-me-up.


But the proof is in the flavor. Botrista’s strawberry puree delivers an authentic taste experience that instantly transports you to the peak of strawberry season, plopping juicy berries into your basket.

Imagine providing a consumer with a beverage that checks all the boxes:

  • Distinctly recognizable nostalgic, fresh fruit essence
  • Pronounced ripe berry notes complemented by balanced natural acidity  
  • Indulgently jammy, fresh fruit texture  
  • Rich, deep color


For restaurants looking to provide consumers with a truly exceptional strawberry beverage, like a pineapple strawberry smoothie, strawberry green tea, or a crisp strawberry lychee lemonade – utilizing Botrista’s premium puree is a must.

The strawberry trend doesn’t stop there

In addition, Botrista has launched their newest topping – freeze-dried strawberries. With real-fruit puree and a plethora of exciting toppings, consumers will be spoiled for choice when it comes to pink-themed drink decisions this year. 

Pink is a growing trend in and out of the dining experience, following successful releases of films like Barbie and Mean Girls (2024). Shortly after Barbie’s release, Starbucks’ viral pink drink was released in stores, adding to the explosive growth of consumers craving something delicious and colorful.

Even in the alcohol market, the pink drink trend is growing strong with a 16% rise in sales through 2021. With companies crafting their very own pink gin, tequila, liqueurs and more – the impact a quality flavor can have on your menu is enormous. 

From menu staples to seasonal LTO’s, the real-fruit puree + freeze dried strawberries from Botrista will surely be the hit of the Summer, and it’s about time your menu got the upgrade it deserves.