Botrista’s July MVP: Sam Suh

Botrista’s July MVP: Sam Suh

Sam is an Account Management Lead, dedicated to providing top-notch frontline support to our restaurant partners. He excels in observing and supporting operations, identifying problems, and implementing solutions to enhance restaurant profitability through our innovative beverage programs, including our state-of-the-art drink machine.

“I was first inspired to join the team at Botrista because of my prior career exposure to the beverage industry. The craft beverage market has limitless potential, and Botrista created a groundbreaking solution. We’re enabling restaurant partners to transform their beverage menus with unmatched creativity and innovation!”

With nine years of experience in the beverage industry, including his time at Botrista, Sam has an impressive background. “I worked at Coca-Cola as a Market Development Manager, handling key accounts and scouting new business opportunities. I built strong relationships with my long-term accounts, and many of them continued to work with me when I moved to PepsiCo. There, I was able to contribute to our Los Angeles market share growth by approximately 30%.”

Mentorship is the most fulfilling part of Sam’s role. “I take pride in being someone for our new account management team members to ask questions to. I love offering my support and showcasing my passion for my role, the BotristaPro beverage machine, and the products we offer.” Sam emphasizes that mentorship is a core value he brings to team Botrista. “Our Chief Strategy Officer, Jason Valentine, inspired me during a company training earlier this year. He talked about the importance of recognizing the value you bring to your team.”

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned throughout my professional career is to ‘act as a restaurant owner.’ By putting myself in the shoes of our restaurant partners, I get more involved with each location, providing them with solutions that support their operations.” Sam also stresses the importance of being analytical. “Don’t just look at what’s on the surface; you have to dig deeper. Analytics tell a bigger story than what meets the eye!”

Sam’s favorite memory at Botrista so far is witnessing the company’s growth. “When I started my career at Botrista, we had a small team. We’re growing rapidly, and I’m incredibly proud to see the continued motivation and dedication that our team shares.”

Something interesting that most people don’t know about Sam is that he loves to golf! “I’ve only been playing for about two years, but I’ve grown to really enjoy the sport. I’m always the happiest when I’m able to get out on the course and spend the day golfing with my friends.”

If Sam’s best friend could describe him only using three words, he says it would be “dependable,” “proactive,” and “genuine.”

Sam’s favorite Botrista fresh blend is our strawberry pineapple smoothie. “This smoothie paired with our mango jelly is the best. The strawberry and pineapple flavors mesh very well together, it definitely has a tropical feel to it.”