Botrista Increases 2022 Sales Tenfold, Completes Series B, Confident In Tech Adoption In 2023

SAN FRANCISCO (Oct. 16, 2023) – In a world riddled with economic uncertainties, the dining industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation, propelled by Gen Z’s insatiable appetite for unique experiences and penchant for affordable, small indulgences.

Botrista Increases 2022 Sales Tenfold, Completes Series B, Confident In Tech Adoption In 2023

SAN FRANCISCO – Botrista Beverages, an automated craft beverage solution for restaurants and food service providers, is marking the end of a successful year and announces the completion of successful funding rounds, company expansion and new business milestones.

In 2022, Botrista Beverages harnessed the craft and functional beverage trend and addressed labor shortages in the food and beverage industry with the DrinkBot Pro machine. The company developed over 100 new beverage recipes and introduced 8 new flavors, showcasing the team and technology’s ability to innovate and diversify restaurant beverage offerings quickly and turnkey. Botrista is now in 26 states – including Texas, New York, California and Washington – and is growing exponentially.

“I am incredibly proud of the exceptional results that the Botrista team has achieved for customers and shareholders,” says CEO Sean Hsu. “Heading into 2023, I am even more confident in Botrista’s future prospects and our team’s ability to exceed our set goals.”

A testament to the company’s growth was an excellent Series B to bring total funding to over $55 Million. This funding round is backed by multiple well known VC and strategic investors and includes $10 million in Series A funding, which was closed earlier in the year. Botrista has ten times its recurring revenue in under 12 months, as the DrinkBot Pro was launched in 2021.

“Botrista has proved its growth capability by providing the perfect solution that helps restaurants increase both top line revenue and the bottom line profit through beverage innovations, and this is why we decided to invest in Botrista even though the macro environment is not optimistic given the inflation and high interest rate”, says one of Botrista’s Series B investors. “We are excited to see Botrista continue to grow in 2023 and bring in more value to their partners as well as the end consumers.”

Another area of prioritization for the company is in ESG and helping bring the foodservice industry closer to sustainability. This focus is partly due to the food and beverage industry at large experiencing numerous pain points and causes of market disruption, increasing the importance of bringing additional profit opportunities to SMB restaurant operators. If a restaurant sells 25 cups per day, it will save the equivalent CO2 of planting a tree in one week. The savings come from shipping less water, as Botrista used concentrated purees, instead of bottled drinks which use diluted ingredients.

As Botrista Beverages looks ahead in 2023, the company plans to take a greater stance in sustainability and to increase efforts on the national expansion front, aiming to be at least 30 states by the end of the year. The leadership team believes this goal to be realistic and attainable when looking at the company’s momentum thus far, and with the upcoming product launch of the DrinkBot Mini in the first quarter of the coming year.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to drive our focus and execute strategic priorities in 2023, while continuing to advance our mission of helping restaurants increase incremental beverage sales, grow the top line sales and bottom line profits through beverage innovations”, says Chief Strategy Officer Jason Valentine. “As the only available algorithmic beverage dispenser, we plan to take full advantage of this unique market position. Our team cannot wait to see how this year unfolds with everything we have in the pipeline.”

About Botrista Beverages

Botrista provides automated beverage solutions to foodservice operators. Operators can increase ticket size and beverage attachment by serving non-alcoholic craft beverages to younger generation consumers. The trendy innovative craft beverages include infused teas & lattes, flavored lemonades, energy drinks, iced coffees and more. Botrista enables operators to add a new beverage category to their menu without the operational complexities.

The DrinkBot ® platform allows operators to subscribe to world-class quality from the leading ingredient manufacturers that they partner with. The vision is to make any staff member a professional barista or bartender with a DrinkBot ®.

Botrista Beverages, HQ in San Francisco, California. The company currently has restaurant, convenience store, hospital, coffee shops, and virtual kitchen customers nationwide in the US, and has expanded to Canada, Australia, and Asia. Botrista’s DrinkBot is currently operating in multiple national and international brands.

Botrista Beverages

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