Botrista Offers Beverage Indulgence for the Health Focused

Botrista Offers Beverage Indulgence for the Health Focused

It’s about the little things

Amidst life’s demands, Botrista recognizes that consumers crave moments of escape and indulgence. We empower restaurant owners to profit from the growing “mindful indulgence” movement through our automated craft beverage dispensers. These dispensers allow any eatery to offer patrons premium, customized treats that balance wellness and decadence.

Conscious of budget, health, exotic flavors

While budget-conscious consumers seek greater value, they still yearn for flavorful beverages that transport them to exotic places. Botrista’s fresh blend technology creates on-demand recipes using real fruits. They also include botanicals, spices, and herbs. These create one-of-a-kind drinks that provide a guilt-free indulgence. Our high-efficiency beverage machines require less labor. Which enables restaurateurs to tap into rising interest in bright, antioxidant-rich juices, nutrient-dense teas, and revitalizing tonics.

Delight the indulgent consumer

Customize your menu with champion ingredients that harmoniously fuse flavor and wellness:

Dragon fruit – Offer the vibrant, tropical beverage indulgence of this exotic superfruit.
Chicory – Indulge patrons in the smooth, coffee-like richness of this botanical gem.
Chamoy – Tantalize taste buds with the sweet-savory complexity of this Mexican delight.
Black sesame – Allow guests to revel in the nutty, earthy creaminess of this ancient seed.

The 2024 Botrista Beverage Report explores up-and-coming trends designed to shape consumer preferences, such as dual-purpose mocktails, functional teas, and probiotic drinks that cater to the growing demand for mindful indulgence.

Contact us today to learn how our innovative equipment and custom drinks deliver the perfect dose of mindful indulgence while contributing to a healthier bottom line for your establishment.



Botrista is creating novel drink experiences by blending nature’s best ingredients with their own vibrant creativity. By allowing restaurants to easily expand their menus without the added complexity, they’re providing the support to drive incremental growth with the push of a button.

Their complete beverage solution crafts freshly blended, craveable beverages across various categories allowing them to adapt to any cuisine, style and demographic. 

They deliver a world of flavors at your fingertips by sourcing top tier ingredients from around the globe. Thanks to valuable insights collected through their intelligent CloudBar system, they can guide your menu development with data backed confidence. 

They’re pioneering simple automation, premium ingredients and fresh experiences. Every sip is crafted by nature, perfected by innovation.