Classic Flavors Will Solidify 2024’s Beverage Dispenser Trends

Classic Flavors Will Solidify 2024’s Beverage Dispenser Trends

Consumers Crave Classic Drinks with a twist this year. Don’t fall behind on optimizing your beverage dispenser menu for the adaptive consumer.

Industry analysis and data from a leader in the automation of craft beverage machines, Botrista, indicates that consumers will mainly continue their support of nostalgic, comfort-providing classics in 2024 – while exploring the experience of new, daring flavors.

Classics are what they are because they inspire feelings of comfort and nostalgia. They are a safe, go-to option but leave room for experimentation and flavor exploration.

friends enjoying fresh blends and classic flavors  from their beverage dispensers.

Flavors like black milk tea and strawberry lemonade will remain a popular standalone option and serve as a foundation of fresh blends for new creations coming out of your restaurants beverage dispenser.

The rise of Boba tea will continue as the category cements itself as a new mainstream classic expected to reach $3.6B USD by 2028 and $5.4B USD by 2032 globally. The Classic, Thai tea and matcha are the most popular boba tea flavors, representing 39%, 38%, and 22.5% respectively of boba tea sales from Botrista’s beverage stations in 2023.

Analysts anticipate the emergence of new plant-based milks in milk-based classics, with new options like buckwheat milk being offered.

Classic fruit flavors like strawberry, lemon and pineapple will be joined by other favorites. Favorites like mango and passion fruit. Strawberry will remain a “darling” flavor favorite. A prediction based on 2023 data which revealed a 9.4% increase in strawberry flavored drink launches.

The data shows that 2024 will be a year to make sure you experiment with exciting new flavors, based off of the classics – without straying too far from the traditional styles that keep all consumers grounded.

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