Meeting the Demand for Natural Energy Drinks by Using a Beverage Dispenser

Meeting the Demand for Natural Energy Drinks by Using a Beverage Dispenser

The thirst for health and wellness continues to energize beverage dispenser innovation and restaurant profits. Today’s consumers seek refreshment with added function and transparency. Our extensive research shows significant opportunities for restaurants to craft custom menus. These nourish patrons while nurturing the bottom line. 

The Facts

  • 35% of people eat healthy to feel more energized
  • Interest in energy drinks rose 21% in 2023, according to Tastewise. This trend will continue in 2024! Energy beverage categories defined by a focus on nutrition and natural ingredients. These provide a boost to physical and mental well-being.)
  • Energy drinks made with herbs, spices, other natural ingredients will influence consumers
  • Fermentation process will play a key role


energy drinks come easily from the beverage dispenser from botrista

How to benefit

Botrista’s patented beverage dispenser automation technology allows dining establishments to tap into surging interest in natural energy drinks using fresh, flavorful ingredients. Our dispenser platform makes it easy for even the busiest operators to create delicious custom blends on demand that deliver nourishment and sustained energy.  

New studies from Mintel predict over 48% of patrons struggle to find healthier options on menus. Our automated craft blenders fully support from-scratch preparation using all-natural components for quality you can taste, and ingredients you can pronounce.

Botrista offers beverage innovation for more profits and happier, loyal customers that can recognize the efforts being put into a healthier, more exciting beverage. 

Download the full 2024 trend report here and learn more about exclusive insights into trends for this year.



Botrista is creating novel drink experiences by blending nature’s best ingredients with their own vibrant creativity. By allowing restaurants to easily expand their menus without the added complexity, they’re providing the support to drive incremental growth with the push of a button.

Their complete beverage solution crafts freshly blended, craveable beverages across various categories allowing them to adapt to any cuisine, style and demographic. 

They deliver a world of flavors at your fingertips by sourcing top tier ingredients from around the globe. Thanks to valuable insights collected through their intelligent CloudBar system, they can guide your menu development with data backed confidence. 

They’re pioneering simple automation, premium ingredients and fresh experiences. Every sip is crafted by nature, perfected by innovation.