7 Reasons to Outsource Your Beverage Innovation

As a restaurant owner, your menu is the core of your business. But constantly innovating new food and beverage offerings while running daily operations can be challenging. That’s why outsourcing menu R&D provides huge benefits for keeping your menu fresh and on-trend. Here’s 7 reasons to outsource your beverage innovation:

7 Reasons to Outsource Your Beverage Innovation

1. Gain Expert Insights

A dedicated team that manages menu innovation has a pulse on today’s hottest food and beverage trends, ingredients, innovations and emerging flavors. Their time is dedicated to creating new and enticing menu items that you may not have the bandwidth to implement yourself.

2. Increase Variety

Outsourcing menu innovations increases variety by tapping into global flavors, new recipes and ingredients and frequent rotation of fresh options. This variety keeps customers coming back.

3. Avoid Overload

For many restaurants, menu innovation happens between service, during down times, or even after hours, quickly leading to burnout. Outsourcing lifts the overload so your team can stay focused.

4. Test and Validate

A dedicated team has the bandwidth to focus on a menu for maximum deliciousness and profitability. They’ll handle testing, cost recommendations, scaling quantities and providing training!

5. Focus on Operations

Freed from constantly working on new recipes, your team can redirect their energy toward flawless execution and providing top-notch experiences for every guest. Outsourcing R&D lets you focus on what you do best.

6. Bring a Fresh Perspective

An outside team provides an objective perspective, free from assumptions that can develop when you only look internally. They spot gaps or opportunities you may miss.

7. Implement Technology

One in three Gen Zers – the largest generation in the world with a disposable income of $360 Billion – find it appealing to order food and drinks made using technology, according to Technomic data. A dedicated beverage team stays up to date with technology and adoption rates to know what is a fad and what’s here to stay.

Outsourcing menu innovation to food and beverage creatives gives you access to skilled R&D, specialized resources, and concept expertise so you can amaze guests, stay current, and focus your team on service excellence. The result? A dining experience that wows and keeps customers coming back. Not sure who to go to for expertise? Call Botrista to speak with one of our Dedicated Beverage Directors.