Boba, Toppings, & Accessories

We make implementing boba easy!

A fast, varied, and delicious boba menu you can depend on so that you never miss a drink sale.

Brown Sugar Boba

Delicious and ready to serve. Our brown sugar Boba is fragrant and chewy. A perfect match for any Boba drinks. No added preservatives.

Microwave for 15 seconds and then add to your Boba drink.

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Other Boba & Accessories

Dried Fruit Slices

Made from real fruit that has been dehydrated. Dried fruit can offer a variety of different flavor boosting or color changing effects depending on the fruit chosen.

We offer mango, dragonfruit and strawberry slices.

Drinking Cups

Sturdy transparent cups with customizable film, available in a wide range of sizes.

Compatible with our sealing machine.

Sipping Cup Lids

Disposable sipping cup lids that are compatible with our drinking cups. Lids are leak-proof for easy handling. The plastic is also super clear, allowing your beverage to look beautifully fresh and crisp.

Drinking Straws

We offer different pack sizes of plastic straws. Straws are 1/4 inch wide (6.3mm), and 8″ long (200mm).

Cup Sealer Machine

Perfect for take-out beverages. The cup sealer will allow you to seal cups to prevent beverages from leaking and spilling during transit.

Sealing Film

Sealing film is to be used with the cup sealer. Each roll can seal up to 3000-3900 depending on cup material.

We can offer customizable graphics for larger orders.